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01 // 1:1 Coaching

Intuitive 1:1 – Spiritual Mentoring and Alignment Coaching For anyone who is stuck, lost, restless, and can’t seem to find a purpose in life. Your Personalized Journey with Val: This is the premium package where time is spent with Val, and the journey is customized specifically for your needs. It usually takes between 10 to […]

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02 // Group Journey

Digital Videos, Workshops, and Group Journey Access to healing and daily practice is accessible and affordable with the use of digital videos and recorded workshops covering the theory and practice of the Upward Spiral. These resources cover topics to uplift and maintain healing, as well as daily practices that will rewire the brain and behavior,

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03 // Do It Yourself

Self-Help Programme – Do It Yourself Craft Your Destiny Affordable for all who want to walk this journey to peace, calm, and a sense of purpose and presence. Includes: Books (available in paperback or e-book): The Upward Spiral – Part One The Upward Spiral – Journey into Action – Part Two The Upward Spiral –

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